If you want to make sure you are getting the best and most honest service, then I would highly recommend using Kim Fuller Air Conditioning Service.


-Darrell Floyd

I have known Kim since grade school. He is the most trustworthy guy you will find out there! He does all my air conditioning work. When I'm in his coverage area, I wouldn't think of using anyone else. He has years of experience. The best performing air conditioning unit I have ever owned he installed. Can say enough good things about him!

- Carol Dooley East

When I lived on Windy Hills in Arlington, Kim was my neighbor. The two of us completely replaced everything except the outside compressor which was almost new. This included furnace, plenums and all ducting. When I say the two of us, I mean I passed him the tools and provided some lifting power. He did 90% of the design and actual work.

- Sam Grant

Top notch, reliable and trustworthy. Kim is such a wonderful man and brings such a high level of service and experience to every job. Thanks for my recent a/c diagnoses and service. We appreciate you so much!

- April Bryan

I have never used Kim for my AC work because I have the skills to work on my on system. The most important thing to me is his honesty. His personal character would not allow him to take advantage of somebody even if he could.

For myself, having worked in technical trades as a master electrician, I have seen a lot. His honesty is the best the best thing going for him. He does have the skills that it takes to fix any issues.

- Tom Dunlop

Kim is great. He is my new air conditioning service. His old company installed my son's system on a new build and with Kim's design and supervision it is SUPER.
Kim even diagnosed a motor problem that developed long after the installation!!

- Dan Riemondi

We love our new air conditioner and the great, friendly service provided by Kim Fuller. If you have Air Conditioning needs, call Kim!

- Larry Stuart

Kim has worked on my air conditioning and my mom's . He is very professional and honest. I highly recommend him!

- Roberta Sheffield

Kim is the best! Very professional, honest, and reliable.

- Cindy Blackburn Fitzgibbon

Kim Fuller with Fuller Air came to our house directly after yours today, Tommy! I agree -- highly recommend him! Honest, hardworking and reasonable.

- Michelle

Thank you for your honest & amazing service of fixing our AC. I will gladly recommend you to the neighborhood & all friends. May God continue to bless you & keep you.

- Kristen Bruno

Kim Fuller assessed the problem, discussed my options, and we agreed to repair the compressor rather than replace the whole unit. It was a logical choice without trying to up-sell me. He arrived right on time with part in hand. Friendly, professional, and very knowledgeable. He checked and re-checked the system to make sure everything was in proper working order. A no-hassle, stress-free experience.  I appreciated the honesty about my system and not trying to sell me more than I needed. I would definitely use his services again.


- Julie