The Freon Game…How many ounces are in a pound?

It’s a simple question, the answer, of course, is 16.

Very important to remember when having your AC unit recharged with R22 freon.

Because R22 is EXPENSIVE. I’ve heard prices of $100.00 PER POUND for R-22. That’s $6.25 PER OUNCE.
I don’t charge quite that much because I don’t have much overhead. I run a lean business, so I can charge less.

This is what I do with R22:

I want you to see the electronic scales before AND after I charge your unit. You will see how much I use. The days of ’rounding up to the next pound’ are over.

I will always use fresh, new refrigerant from a green tank. Never reclaimed or recovered from another unit.

I always charge the unit properly using the factory recommended procedures. I write down the readings and temperatures on the invoice.

And what about leaks? Systems should not lose freon. Where did it go? I don’t assume anything! I find the leak! There is no extra charge for a basic leak search.

Call Kim Fuller @ Fuller Air Conditioning. You will be happy with the answers I provide, I promise.